How to advertise on VKontakte: 3 rules for an effective campaign

How to advertise on VKontakte: 3 rules for an effective campaign

1. Study the competition and 👉 fix single open
If you do everything right, you already know perfectly well what your competitors are doing. If it’s a little less good – that is, you haven’t studied your competitors – you need to find out where and what kind of advertising they give, as well as how effective it is. You can evaluate the effectiveness of competitors’ ads based on the number of similar publications (the more often they use a certain ad, the more likely it brings them the most income). Take a closer look at the communities that your colleagues choose to promote – maybe this is what you need.

2. Look for suitable communities where you can advertise in VKontakte
There are statistics on many communities, and some services do a useful job of collecting and refining this data. Open or a similar resource to find the very communities you need. Do you have a strategy with a detailed target audience? Based on this information, you can collect a database of ad-friendly pages, that is, those that your potential customers will actually read and who may be interested in your offer.

3. Evaluate the statistics
Open the community statistics page or ask the administrator for a link to it. It is worth paying attention to:

Any bursts and anomalies on the charts (if any, look for the cause).
The difference between unique visits and the graph of total visits (non-unique): the larger it is, the more loyal the readers.
Activity, taking into account the number of subscribers.
Advertising in VKontakte requires careful analytics: this is ⅓ of the success of the entire campaign.

Targeted advertising
If the residents of the house number 5 on Lenina Street are important to you, we will bring the offer specifically to them
Information aimed at the right audience ceases to be advertising and becomes a useful hint

Rule #2: Choice of Placement Options
Again, carefully study the promotion strategy, there should be something about the preferred time of day, and a couple of lines about the hobbies and lifestyle of potential customers. Based on this, it is easy to understand how long to plan the publication.

The parameters include not only the time of the release of the post, but also their frequency and quantity. Understand when you will interest the audience more, when interest starts to subside, and the campaign will need to be stopped by moving to other communities.

Rule #3: good post
Placing ads on VKontakte in groups and on public pages requires you to have a competent approach to creating an ad. What does it mean?

Back to competitors: monitor.
Know what your people love and what gets their attention.
Do tests.
Learn to evaluate in a cool and unbiased way.
Measure efficiency.
Good luck!