How to record a call in Telegram on different devices?

How to record a call in Telegram on different devices?

How to record a call in Telegram and save the audio to the device for further listening? Some users need to record conversations in order not to miss important information and always have the right dialogue at hand. Is there such a function in the messenger? What can be done? What is eset internet security key?

Is it possible
Of course, there is no built-in option for recording a call in Telegram – such an action contradicts the privacy principles of the messenger.

And in general, I would like to remind you that recording calls should be carried out exclusively with the consent of the person being recorded. But such a question remains on the conscience of every person.

On some Android devices there is a hardware call recording option – you can activate and adjust it in the smartphone settings. Including, Telegram call recording is available. Audio recording is turned on automatically and saved to the appropriate folder – but this feature is not available on every mobile device. New privacy rules are actively applied in the production of smartphones – therefore, the option is no longer found in the latest devices.

What if you need to be able to record calls in Telegram, but your device does not support such an option? We’ll have to use third-party software.

Cube ACR
This is just one of many similar applications – we’ll show you how to capture audio using Cube ACR. Based on our example, you can choose any other similar program. You can download the application for Android for free here.

So, how to record a conversation in Telegram from Android via Cube ACR?

Download the application from the Play Market store and launch it;
Accept the terms of use by clicking the appropriate button – remember, only you are responsible for the decision;
Give the program access to contacts, microphone, phone and device memory to capture audio, process and store it;
Now allow Cube ACR to work on top of other applications – this is necessary to enable recording in any messenger;
Open access to the call log (go to “Accessibility”, then – “Installed services” and enable the Cube ACR App Connector);
Now go to the call settings (in the device settings and disable the “Calls over Wi-Fi” option, if it was enabled);
The next two points are battery optimization and geotagging. You can enable or disable the use of these features at your discretion.

Installation completed! How to record a call in Telegram? Just open the messenger, find the user you want and click on the call icon. As soon as the connection is established, you will see that a multi-colored microphone icon appears on the screen – this is a signal that the Cube ACR is working and recording is in progress.